We are a Private Money Lender specializing in the financing of non-owner occupied investment properties. Our objective is to be a partner in your real estate investment business with our asset-based loan products. We understand the unique financing situations that arise, and step in to fill the void where traditional banks can not. We use common sense underwriting and directly lend hard money loans in multiple States. We understand the impact investors can have on improving properties in their local communities while meeting their personal investment goals. Whether your investment strategy is renovating a property which provides jobs in local communities and a home for a family, or owning rental property where a family can take pride in living in a community where maybe they could not afford to buy a home or maybe the community offers better schools for their children. We take pride in assisting investors to achieve these goals one loan at a time!

Fix & Flip investors, we are a Direct Lender and can provide you financing based on the ARV (After Repaired Value. This loan includes the financing of the acquisition of the property as well as the renovation costs into one loan. Investors who use their own cash to purchase a property in markets where there is no time or ability to obtain financing once a deal is found can refinance the cash back out to complete their renovations on this program. Investors often use this program to fund renovations on the properties while retaining cash on hand for additional purchases or to scale their business. 

Rent & Hold investors we can provide financing for properties that may not fit traditional bank guidelines. It could be that you have too many loans, personal income does not fit a banks qualifying criteria, or simply a seasoning issue where a traditional bank loan is the exit. We can provide financing where speed is an issue in closing or refinancing. We have 30 year loan products that do not require personal tax returns or income verification.

IRA/401K We understand the importance of diversification in reaching your retirement goals.  We offer non-recourse financing to assist both Fix & Flip or Rent & Hold strategies for self directed investors.  We also offer Note/Trust Deed investments for those looking to hold well underwritten secured passive investments as part of their alternative investment strategies for retirement. Self Directed Roth accounts are a great alternative to 1031 exchanges where there is a constant time frame looming on the next purchase. Whatever your retirement strategy may be we would be happy to discuss and assist in reaching your goals.


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